Our Custom Designed Websites, Rebuild and Refresh

Custom Designed Websites

Custom designed websites and rebuilds are a close collaboration between the designer and the customer. Therefore, we work together to determine the layout of the new site as well as help you come up with the content of the pages. Above all, it is important to us that you are in control of your website from conception to final design. 

We provide you a real time look at your website as we design it together. For instance, we will build the pages based on the overall content you would like to see. Similarly, we will provide options on specific ideas we have so you can choose between design options. Sometimes it is as simple as specific text style choices. It can also be choices on complex custom coding to make specific features of the site stand out. 

Unlike many web developers, we purchase your domain registration and website hosting in your name.  Therefore, you have full control of your domain name, hosting, and website. We would setup permissions to your account for NVUS Websites staff to maintain or make changes as you request. So we setup the website in your name for two reasons. One, we want to earn your business every day. You are free to take your website, domain and hosting to another service without any hassle. Two, Having your own hosting plan instead of a shared environment will reduce issues with speed of loading and other problems caused by sharing hosting plans with many other websites. 

Feel free to reach out and let us know what you would like to see in your website. We would be happy to design a custom website, rebuild or refresh your current website so that it really makes you stand out.

Our Custom Designed Websites

Website Rebuild and Refresh

  • New Nile Nightmares

  • Nile Nightmares

  • New NIle Nightmares

  • Nile Nightmares

  • New Nile Shriners

  • Nile Shriners

  • New Nile Shriners

  • Nile Shriners

  • New The Massage Clinic

  • The Massage Clinic

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